Why backlinks are important for SEO?

Updated: Nov 28

For Google, backlinks are like a popularity contest. Thousands of websites vie to be at the top of page rank, while dozens of factors influence who takes the number one spot. That being said, backlinks are a clear indicator of how popular and valuable a website is to Google.

Learn what backlinks are and why they're important for search engine optimization.

SEO is an important field for anyone running an online business. It's been said that the most important ranking factor is backlinks-- the more you have, the higher up on search engine result pages (SERPs) you'll rank.

What Is A Backlink?

Websites receive votes of confidence, or backlinks, from other websites when the latter link to them. Website A would earn a backlink for Website B, for example.

why we need backlinks?
why we need backlinks?

Why are backlinks important for SEO and how to generate them?

Web pages gain more importance and authority as they receive backlinks, signaling to Google that other websites find it relevant enough to link to.

How to build backlinks for SEO?

Backlinks are an important part of SEO. Gaining backlinks is the best way to become more popular on the web and rank at a higher spot for keywords. Unlike guest blogging, it's possible to blog about your niche, which can help you gain traffic and generate income through affiliate marketing or advertising revenue.

If a website owner does not do anything, their site will get natural links. For example, the hiking gear website would receive a natural link for the illustration in this article above. Content is one of the best ways to get high quality natural links.

To acquire links manually, the company could reach out to relevant websites in the same niche and ask them for a link. They could also do guest blogging on other relevant sites, as long as they link to their own website.

Manual backlinks are created with site managers adding links to other sites. They can be 'black hat' strategies, so be careful when doing them.

Find out which backlinks are important

Some backlinks are better than others. While backlinks in general are desirable, not all of them are of comparable value. It’s important to know what has the most potential when calculatng backlink value or assessing your account’s health.

1.Understanding the difference between Follow and No Follow links

Site owners have the option to control whether or not a particular link passes link equity. A no follow link does not carry any link equity, whereas a followed link does. While followed backlinks are much more desirable, no follow links can still help your brand if they come from high-quality websites.

(Furthermore, the value of both local, relevant websites that link to your blog post, as well as those that do not, is determined by their relevance.)

2.What Influences How Much Trusty a Link is?

High-quality backlinks have more link equity than low-quality ones. Avoid spammy websites.

3.Backlinks - Link Relevancy

Google knows if a backlink is irrelevant Just take the example of a bakery site linking to your mountain climbing site. Gaining links from this site means that much less links than ones from the mountain-climber site.

4. Link location

When you position your links in the footer of a page, this is not as beneficial to Google than when they are positioned in relevant blog posts or embedded to generate backlinks.

5.Link number

If you are included among hundreds of other backlinks on a single page, then it is more likely that there isn't as much value because the user is unlikely to be able to locate it.

6. Anchor text

Links within text can be hyperlinks or outbound links. When the words that display a link are blue and underlined, they are called anchor text. When a keyword is used in an anchor text, it passes more equity to the target site than keywords not used.

Providing a descriptive anchor text helps your readers understand the article that they are linking to in a better way as well. Generally speaking, choosing a more specific phrase allows them to find the link easier with different search queries.

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